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| May 17, 2015

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the arteries. High blood pressure can differ from one person to another. When blood pressure is measured is expressed in two numbers, such as 120 figure / 80.The on the top denotes the pressure when the heart is pumping blood and its muscle is contracted. If blood pressure is measured as 140/90, then you are a patient of hypertension or high blood pressure, and therefore, you need to lower blood pressure. However, it should be aware that high blood pressure increases with age and so grow older should keep a check on your blood pressure and reduce blood pressure, if blood pressure above normal levels.

Reducing blood pressure to normal reduces the risk of serious health problems such as heart or kidney disorders. You can reduce blood pressure in several ways. First, if you are overweight, you should aim to reduce the weight guidelines for your height, body type, and age. BMI, or body mass index, is the best way to decide which is the ideal weight for you. This measure takes into account your height and weight.

However, do not start a crash diet because this can create additional problems for your body. Reduce weight slowly by eating sensibly and do any form of exercise. Exercise will help you change unwanted pounds and will also play a positive role in reducing blood pressure. Try to incorporate exercise into daily regimen begins with walking easily and build ton include aerobic exercises May.

To further reduce blood pressure, reduce your intake of salty foods and avoid or reduce the alcohol. Including foods rich in calcium and potassium, and magnesium and fish oils may help reduce blood pressure.

Need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to control blood pressure. Some of the most important and essential tips following a healthy diet with low salt and sodium, maintaining healthy weight and being physically active, limiting alcohol consumption and smoking cessation.

Is very important to keep blood pressure normal or low blood pressure reduction if the increase because hypertension can cause serious health problems and damage to the body. One of the most important insights in the reduction of blood pressure is the intake of sesame oil. Using sesame oil instead of other edible oil helps reduce blood pressure or low blood pressure. Sesame oil contains approximately 43 percent polyunsaturated fatty acids, which has an impact on blood pressure and reduce blood pressure

Although lifestyle changes helps to reduce blood pressure are usually not sufficient. It is important to continue taking any medicine prescribed by your doctor. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle along with medications can reduce blood pressure.

If you are suffering with hypertension should consult primary care doctor first before taking other steps.

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