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| September 3, 2015

Stress is not good for you. Everyone knows that. But what health problems do not occur and how we deal with it? 43 percent of adults have adverse health reactions to stress, and 40 percent of job burnout can be attributed to stress. It is the leading occupational disease of our country.

You've probably heard that stress can increase blood pressure and anxiety. But it also causes depression, sleep disorders, weight gain or loss, and if not treated can lead to death. It is ironic that stress symptoms takes you into a spiral, because they cause more stress. Reaction

Everyone stressors everyday is different. What highlights can make someone laugh. And, as pointed out years ago it might seem absolutely nothing today. There are some stressors however, who seem to have a common basis in all of us. Money is at the top of the list. Everyones opinion varies on how much money is enough. What does seem to differ is that, when it is not enough to buy adequate food, pay bills, or save for the future, it underlines. If we want to admit it or not, money and stress are linked in our society.

Ironically, stress-related workers' compensation claims are responsible for 300 billion dollars per year. So, we must find an answer to stress the connection money. The six causes of death are related to stress:

* cancer * heart disease * accident * lung disease * liver cirrhosis * and

Suicide I was a professor of health in a public school my students about the effects detrhymental stress, and even stress-relief strategies, and stress has been quietly at work in my own body causing adrenal exhaustion. Yes, I knew I had passed through several stressorsdivorce legitimate return to school, not enough money to support my four children, and finally a new job with all the stress and still not enough to climb debt hole again we had we arrived.

Yes, I was one of those people completely stressed about money. And the more I thought about relieving stress wished we had the money for such things as membership Nights Date of organic food gym, massage, yoga ,, babysitter, supplements, funny movies, more.

I did yoga regularly and considered myself a happy man. I never even realized anything was wrong until I stopped periods, my hair started to fall, I gained 30 pounds while running marathons, and finally began to have panic attacks. A saliva test showed that my adrenal glands were barely operating. They gave out after years of high output. I had no idea until I researched my condition as my exercise excessive stress on top of my mental problem was only composition.

Have doubts that I'm the only one who is well educated and try to do what is best (go back to college, get a new job, exercise, and eat right) and finds / face a serious health problem. So I want my experience to help others there.

There are two basic answers.

* Get rid of as many stressors as possible (easier said than done sometimes) * Learn how to deal with and reduce stress

This is a run-down of what worked for me quick. *

Children. Ha. What I mean is, do not stress. No, really can do this. Make a list of what can be done about what is stressing you out and do it. Then, forget the rest. What's the Worst That Could Happen? Usually, it's not as bad as what happens when stress takes on your body is tax. Meditate to clear the mind, or find a mantra or a sharp focus when your mind starts to move towards "what is" if. You can train your mind to be in this moment. * Incentives

Stop. Might as well give yourself a stress IV drip. * Get enough sleep, lack inhibit the body's ability to cope with stress. * -Yoga relieves tension not only body but teaches you how to live in the moment. * Laughs. (release natural endorphins) * target exercise heart rate. Too intense and causes more body stress. It does not distinguish between physical stress, mental, or emotional. * A social network friends to escape, laughter, good nutrition Common Diet is not enough. You need to supplement with a multi-vitamin, B vitamins more particularly, a micro-mineral, and adaptogens (such as ginseng).

Who knew that exercise as a madwoman to deal with stress effectively contribute to the breakdown of money should my health and weight gain?. As a health teacher myself, I had no idea. I hope this helps someone out there before adrenal exhaustion happens to them. It is serious and not pleasant.

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