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| October 11, 2015

When someone suffers from high blood pressure they do not know that there is usually a problem because hypertension normally not displayed any symptoms hence the name given to Silent Killer. "But occasionally a person may he or She found suffering from what can only be referred to a headache hypertension.

Medical community has had problems identifying if there is indeed a link between hypertension and headache. Mainly because many sufferers headaches, and those who do are more likely to go to doctors and then have their blood pressure taken.

This can skew the statistics and show that many people with high blood pressure tend to have headaches.

Also, even if someone has hypertension, and suffering a headache, hypertension can not be automatically regarded as causation, as people headaches for several reasons, including dehydration, compression, eyestrain and being in cold weather.

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Course, in research conducted by the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry said that headaches are not caused by hypertension. They based their conclusions on the values of 22,000 adults took anyone responded to a survey about the frequency of their headaches.

The questionnaire looked at found that 28% of participants were suffering from repeated headaches and of these 1 in 4 were reporting suffering from migraines. They also found that those who had blood pressure readings were less likely to suffer from headaches than those with a lower reading than they were. This study suggests that the higher the blood pressure is, people are less likely to suffer from headaches.

Also during the investigation examined types of headaches people have been suffering from. In general, the higher the reading, then less severe headaches, where he suffered from headaches at all. They also examined, systolic blood pressure (the first number) and found those with high reading were less likely to suffer from migraines and this was especially true for women. When they looked at reading diastolic pressure (the second number) were unable to find any clear association between this reduction and a person suffering from migraines if the number was higher than normal.

These results seem to suggest that there is no link between hypertension and headache. In fact, they are showing that pain sensitivity in the brain and the spinal cord of a person are reduced when suffering from hypertension.

Some of the allegations historic between blood pressure may have been made as a result of well-known white coat "effect, which can raise blood pressure in many people when you visit the doctor or surgery with headache symptoms.

Also there is any suggestion that a person anyone suffering from hypertension bought about by lifestyle, including a diet potentially poor sleep and high levels of stress and anxiety are also people everyone are likely to have headaches Because of lifestyle rather than blood pressure.

Finally, there is a suggestion that headache blood pressure may be aggravated after a patient was said to have high blood pressure. This can add worries and concerns and potential increases risk of headaches and migraines.

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