What to eat for hypertension

| April 8, 2015

While the doctor may prescribe medication to help lower your it a change in lifestyle is also most recommended. Your doctor may suggest you quit smoking, start exercising May and follow a certain diet. He or she can give you a list of foods to eat to manage blood pressure.

Water Water is hydrophilic. This means that water attracts water. When you drink a lot of water, water that is retained in your body is drawn to the fact that water and wash the body. You should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. This means water, not soda or coffee. Where flavored water (or lack thereof) is unappealing to you, can squeeze a bit of lemon or lime to give a little kick. It should also be noted that soda can actually cause you to retain water. In many people, caffeine can cause water retention, so it is best to stick with plain water.

Low sodium salt and salt and other sodium-containing foods tend to cause water retention. It is important to reduce the amount of salt and sodium in your diet. You can do this by making food choices that consist of natural foods such as fruits and vegetables. When cooking, use fresh herbs and spices instead of salt. If you find that you still need a little salt, use only a little on your part. Cut back as much as possible. Fruits and Vegetables

When selecting foods to eat fresh blood pressure management, fruits and vegetables are some of the best choices. Fresh fruits and vegetables can provide many of the nutrients that you need to be healthy. Moreover, a diet rich in these foods can actually help to reduce your weight, which will also help with the management.

Lean Meat Many doctors recommend patients to reduce the fat in their diet. When you select lean meat, poultry and fish to include in your diet, you will likely find that you lose weight and lower your blood pressure. The best method of cooking meat is to bake or broil. Fried has too much fat that completely defeats all your efforts healthy.

If you look at your diet and take care of yourself, you resuce pressure level. You may even enjoy a little bonus for losing weight as well. It is important to take care of you because you can put at risk for heart attack and stroke. Make a commitment to yourself to find food to eat for the management of blood pressure and take these crucial steps to take care of you.

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